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Cleaning up the cannabis industry and getting the snakes out of the grass one story at a time.

Learn how to get involved below


Project Mongoose is a movement for cannabis and hemp industry professionals to help clean up the cultural and ethical issues surrounding our industry.


You might have ended up here because you saw our hashtag, #GrassAttractsSnakes, and wanted to know how you could be a force for good in cleaning up the green rush. If that's the case, go ahead and skip down to the bottom so we can get to work together. 

If you've found yourself here in some other way, then check out some of the information and examples below to find out if you can add to our gang for good.  ​

What does a Mongoose Have to Do with Cannabis?

A mongoose is a small carnivorous mammal belonging to the Herpestidae family. There are over 40 different species that can be found in Africa, Europe, and Asia.

The part that matters though?


Mongeese kill and eat snakes. Some are even immune to the toxins and venom produced by some of the world's most dangerous serpents.

The cannabis industry has seen exponential growth over the last 5 years, with growth projected to continue into the future. This boom has also attracted those who care more about profits and making a quick buck rather than consumer safety, product quality and maintaining the culture that existed well before there even was an industry.

We don't want to assume anyone is following us, so just in case:

Snakes are the people who are doing any number of shady, ethically questionable, or otherwise unsavory things within the cannabis and hemp industries.

Mongeese are those professionals who are currently standing up,  banding together,  and helping to usher in Cannabis 2.0 with respect for the foundations of this industry being built on advocacy and created through activism. 

Are you a Mongoose?

We are looking for help telling the stories that exemplify the trials, tribulations, and horror stories being discussed quietly across all levels and segments of the marijuana movement.

  • Are you a budtender who has seen the issues of toxic culture or constant employee turnover?

  • Are you a dispensary manager who has dealt with more than your fair share of broker jokers and shady dealings?

  • Are you an investor who believed the hype and got burned?

  • Are you a lab manager or extraction tech who tried to warn your company about a compliance or safety issue but it fell on deaf ears?

  • Are you a cultivator or farmer who trusted the wrong consultant?

If you said yes to any of those above (or anything similar) then you might be just the kind of person we are looking for.

Click the link below if you've got a story to tell or want to let us in on something we should be aware of.

Oh, and don't worry. Contact information is only going to be used so we can get in touch. All stories and information will remain anonymous unless express written permission is given. 

If you aren't quite ready to get in the fight but want to keep up to date on what's going on click the link below and subscribe to our mailing list or follow us on social media. 

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